Miyerkules, Agosto 22, 2012

Whooops! I forgot to post something. My devices are already jailbroken around june, using absinthe 2.0.4 IOS 5.1.1 both. I'm still using Springtomize 2 and Winterboard that previously crashed my ipad 2. I'm just cautious when using them, and hopefully not to crash my devices anymore. Just don't install and uninstall them both for several times to avoid crashing your devices.

Linggo, Abril 8, 2012

My precious iPAD 2 =(

Just to let people know,
While I was searching for a cure for my iPAD2 I saw this link:
and gave me a hope on recovering my ipad 2 5.0.1 OS.

And this was my response:
I've tried this recently but it actually failed early at step2
and so on. Why?

 I have an Ipad 2 | 5.1 iOS | 16GB | GSM.
The reason why I opted to iOS 5.1 is to get rid
of Reboot Loop.

What is a Reboot Loop?
 It happens when the device is only showing apple's
logo and after a few minutes it restart and repeats
showing apple's logo again and again without continuing
to the springboard.

My previous jailbroken(absinthe) iPAD 2 5.0.1 iOS
experienced a Reboot Loop just few hours ago after
installing winterboard. And I had a Springtomize 2 which
caused font incompatibility issue with winterboard, but it
is not my main problem. I wanted to get rid of the message
that keeps reappearing every time I access springboard,
so I uninstalled winterboard and after it resprings,
it displays weird stuffs (I do not know how to describe
it) but kinda looks like the GUI is messed. I can
still use it but I can not stand seeing weird things
so I installed again winterboard and the GUI seems
to be okay again knowing that is still has issues
with the fonts with springtomize. So I keep installing
and uninstalling winterboard and tried to fixed it.
Until I ended up with reboot loop trap.

So, I searched and googled everything to get back to
5.0.1 and  I saw this and tried it and hoping it will succeed
in downgrading my device.

Using Redsnow win 0.9.10b6,

I tried using Jailbreak option, after the DFU state,
A prompt appeared saying that it is already connected in DFU
but no supported operations for the device in DFU mode.

I also tried the options in Extras Tab, but nothing also

Apple is now singing iOS 5.1 and stops signing 5.0.1
that has jailbreak's possibility.

As a result, I ended up downloading iOS 5.1 ipsw and
restored my ipad 2 hoping that .

I've also read somewhere on the internet that even if
you have iOS 5.0.1 SHSH blobs, you can't still downgrade
your device.

My moral is, check first the applications whether they will
cause incompatibility issues with other applications.

My advice to those people especially with jailbroken ipads,
avoid installing winterboard if you have sprintomize 2.

Well, at the mean time, admitting my mistakes to
ease my mind. Hoping for possibilities that soon,
a jailbreak for iPAD 2 with iOS 5.1 will be available.

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